The International 2018: Mineski

This year has been good to Mineski. The acquisition of Moon, iceiceice, and Jabz raised the team to a whole new level and ninjaboogie has proven himself to be a top captain. Unlike the other teams from their region, the biggest star of the team is their coach, 71. He has brought in a new way of thinking to the team and that has allowed the players to grow. With sometimes unorthodox drafts Mineski can catch opponents off-guard but that doesn’t make them a one-trick pony. This year they’ve proven that they can beat anyone and they can look really well while doing so. And with Mushi really stepping up his play, there’s no telling what this lineup can do. Inconsistency has been the keyword for Mineski’s season.

When summarizing the DPC results of the year you’ll notice long periods of drought for Mineski. An impressive start to the season with a 1st and 2nd place finish turned into a 3-month dark period where they scored no points. They came back with two third-place finishes in Minors only to go missing for another two months. This inconsistency could’ve forced them into their regional qualifiers but thanks to an amazing run at DAC in April the team managed to grab enough points to finish 5th in the DPC standings. DAC. What else can it be? DAC was the tournament that took Mineski out of the shadows and straight into the spotlight. Coming in to the tournament the talk was all about VP, Liquid, and Secret. After its conclusion, it was all about Mineski. In the group stages, they parried everything that was thrown at them. And Mineski didn’t discriminate. Regardless of if the opponents were from NA, SA, CIS, or China they were forced to their knees by Mineski. That early success carried them all the way to a victory. Over the entire tournament often seen as China’s TI they dropped four games. Mineski had arrived. This is a tough one to call. A top 5 DPC team that has won a Major should never be counted out but Mineski’s inconsistency has been a problem for them. But inconsistency can actually help Mineski in some ways. It’s not that their form has varied a lot in a single tournament. The inconsistency has come from them not being able to keep their form for an extended period of time. If they manage to hit one of their peaks at TI, don’t be surprised if they end up in the top 4.

(1) Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung
(2) Kam Boon "Moon" Seng
(3) Daryl "iceiceice" Koh
(4) Anucha "Jabz" Jirawong
(5) Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross 
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