The International 2018: OG

If after the TI7 roster shuffle I would’ve told you that this was the lineup OG would end up with you would’ve called me crazy. Their lineup back then (Resolut1on, n0tail, s4, Jerax, Fly) looked built to compete but that never really happened. Instead, here we are. N0tail and Fly separated for the first time since 2015, Resolut1on was kicked, and S4 went off looking for greener pastures. OG’s roster went from star-stuttered to ragtag. And that has the opportunity to be the best thing OG has ever done.

OG’s dominant first lineup featured an offlaner the community wasn’t sure about, an extremely talented but inexperienced midlaner, and a dream. Sounds a lot like this roster. If the S4 and Fly move killed OG, then this is them going back to their roots, looking to rise again. The DPC results list isn’t a happy read for fans of OG. They managed to win MDL Macau one of the weaker minors of the season and place 3rd in another. Outside of that not much else happened. They managed to get through most of the EU qualifiers and even did well in some groupstages but when it came to bracket play they fell through. The Resolut1on removal disqualified from them getting points but that does not mean that you can ignore their ending positions. Even though they didn’t know it at the moment, OG kicking Resolut1on ended up defining their season. And not in the way that it was a turning point for better or worse they actually seemed no better or worse off without him but they started the roster shuffle carousel. That one move destabilized their own team. It freed up all the players on the roster to go chasing luck in other places. Having a locked roster and a spot in the regional qualifiers could have been enough to keep them together. Instead, they made a boneheaded move and removed Resolut1on outside of the roster lock with no backup plan. It destroyed them and their season, forcing them to go into this rebuilding mode. While OG may have surprised everyone by rebuilding as quickly as they did, hoping for anything more than a spot in the playoffs would be naive. OG isn’t even an outsider at this point. Their biggest strength lies in the unknown. Not much scouting can be done on players like Ana and Topson, who haven’t played competitively for the entire season. If they can use these joker-cards wisely they can create a hell of a story with a classic OG lower-bracket run.

(1) Anatan "ana" Pham
(2) Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen
(3) Sébastien "7ckngMad" Debs
(4) Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka
(5) Johan "n0tail" Sundstein
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