The International 2018: Team Serenity

Trying to cover Team Serenity is difficult. Outside of Zhizhizhi, who’s had a limited amount of success on Keen Gaming, we know little to nothing about all of them. They’re a new team, haven’t been to any LAN’s, and chocked the world by qualifying for TI8. What we do know is that the team was formed last year after their owner went to TI7 and was inspired by what he saw. The team saw no success for most of the season but somehow managed to gather all its strength to qualify to their first ever LAN, and what a time to do so.

Many have started calling them the Wings Gaming of 2018 but that’s an unfair comparison. Wings had success earlier on in the season and crushed the Chinese qualifier. Team Serenity did win the qualifier but they weren’t nearly as convincing as Wings were two years ago. Serenity’s play is disparate to that of Wings. Wings were masters of map movement and their hero pool was incredibly deep. Serenity frequently put all their eggs in one basket: that of Zhizhizhi. They play a 4-protect-1 style of Dota and if they don’t succeed in that playstyle they fall apart. So keep an eye on Zhizhizhi, he’s a good indicator of how well Serenity are doing in a game. Even though Serenity may not be as sound of a team as Wings were back in the day there’s something about them. The Chinese qualifier was at the weakest it’s been in many years but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. They beat both iG and LFY, teams that can compete with the top teams in the world on a good day. So don’t write Serenity off just yet.

(1) Jin "zhizhizhi" Zhiyi
(2) Zhang "Zyd" Quanda
(3) Zhao "XinQ" Zixing
(4/5) Xiong "Pyw" Jiahan
(4/5) Xiao "XCJ" Chaojian
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