The International 8 Day One Highlights

The International has always been nearly impossible to predict in terms of meta. That’s the beauty of it, but somehow, even after seven  years of witnessing the most unexpected strategies, plays, and results, the entire Dota 2 world is consciously stepping into the same trap again and again.

Most-played hero, who will play the most different heroes, which team will have the longest game average, etc. The predictions that we all made while waiting for the biggest event of the year to kick off are already in danger.

Pieliedie scored the TI8 First Blood

TI8 started with a round of two-game series held between the Group A teams and a lot of surprises already popped. Perhaps, nobody, Fnatic players included, would have bet that this year’s The International first blood will be drawn by Johan “pieliedie” Åström, notorious for his ultimate sacrificial support plays which compels the Dota 2 community to often call him “diediedie”.

Most picked hero

The most picked hero so far is Wraith King, present in the all the first eight drafts, picked seven times and banned once. Another surprise is that everyone played it in the offlane. The only match where WK was banned was in fact the TI8 opening one, Team Liquid vs Fnatic, where the defending champions used their very last ban on it.

Team Liquid 1 kill in an entire game

The opening series in Vancouver, Canada pitted the TI7 champions Team Liquid against Fnatic and game one went pretty much as expected by the majority of the fans. Fnatic had an explosive early game, controlled Liquid during the entire early stage and had a good answer for a mid lane Broodmother played by Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen. They countered the Spider queen with a Tiny and an Io. But, in spite of an extremely good start from the SEA representative, Liquid were able to crawl back into the game from an 8K gold deficit on the back of perfect coordination between Maroun “GH” Merhej on Earth Shaker and Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov on Pugna.

Fnatic might have thrown the first game, as they often do, but in game two they took everyone by surprise with a textbook execution of an aggressive strategy that heavily relied on a mid lane Clinkz. Through the 31 minutes game, Team Liquid were only able to find a single kill, which was landed at the three-minute mark. From there on, Fnatic went on demolishing the defending champions to end the game with a 37K gold advantage. EG the only team to take a 2-0 victory

At the end of the first batch of two-game series in Group A, Evil Geniuses is the only team to have taken a clean victory. The NA qualified team played their TI8 opening series against VGJ. Thunder and drafted a mid lane Alchemist in game one, with a carry Clinkz for Artour “Arteezy” Babaev. They were dragged into a late-game scenario by the Chinese team, but their picks allowed them to prevail even so. Game two lasted just 25 minutes in which VGJ.Thunder got outplayed by the duo core of Evil Geniuses.

With their 2-0 score over VGJ Thunder, EG are sitting now at the top of group A while the Chinese are at the bottom after a slow start. Day one in the TI8 group stage is far from over, 15 more series are scheduled to run simultaneously on for streams.
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