TI8 – Neta ’33’ Shapira Interview: “I don’t know where some of the changes to heroes are coming from”

Optic Gaming’s offlaner, Neta ’33’ Shapira is a no nonsense, straight forward guy. He had a few words to spare with VPEsports when we caught up with him before the start of the TI 8 main event in Vancouver. Last year was like a bonus for the Hellraisers team members. We qualified, even though we didn’t think we could. In hindsight, the EU qualifier wasn’t so competitive. But we weren’t too upset about going out in the group stages. We were at the bottom of the group, but we still had two of the weaker teams to play against – Pain Gaming and Vici Gaming. In the moment, no doubt there was some nervousness there. But our initial games were against the best teams in the group, so I think it was ok. Of course, they are beatable. We just need to play our game and hope for the best. Lanes are very important in this meta and the initiators just cannot win the lane. So instead, heroes like Weaver and Mirana are picked so you can win the lane. If you can get out of the laning phase in good shape, those heroes like Tide are really good. But most times, you will lose the lane with them and it is not worth it. When you pick the Brood early, you force the enemy to pick a certain kind of draft. They have to pick heroes to counter the Brood.

And ever since the change to the gold and experience given my the spiderlings, there isn’t a lot of punishment if the spiderlings die. Even while facing a hard counter in lane like Tiny or Monkey King, there isn’t a big level difference. Earlier, when the spiderlings gave away a lot of experience, Brood would be level 8 and the opposition mid laner would be level 11. You can just farm the jungle if the lane is not very favorable. I imagine I will get a bit nervous before the start, but not really right now. A month or so before I joined Optic, Zai added me on Steam and asked me what I thought about joining them. I obviously said I was interested. Then they went with Saksa for a while, but when that didn’t work out, for whatever reason, ppd contacted me and I got to be a part of Optic. Zai is a way better position 4 than me. Also, I played as an offlaner for Hellraisers before TI 7 and I’m more comfortable as an offlaner than a support. It was flawed, like a lot of people said. EG and Na’Vi being invited to a lot of events. The good part was there were a lot of tournaments taking place. Last year, it was difficult to make it to a LAN event. This year, all teams got a lot of chances. Coming to the patches, I don’t like the patch changing every two weeks. Also, I am puzzled with the last few patches. The heroes that need to get buffs are getting them, but the buffs are a bit weird. Heroes are getting gimmicks like don’t really fit them. Like Clinkz’s Strafe disjointing projectiles makes no sense. The hero is somewhat balanced then using Strafe he gets some crazy attack speed and dodges attacks and projectiles. I don’t know where these changes are coming from! I’m not really a fan of that. The teams playing a Major cannot play the Minor connected to it. We will see how the prize pool and DPC point distribution will be. But there is a possibility of getting top three at a Minor may be better than placing badly at a Major. I am not a fan of disallowing a team to play at an event.
TI8 – Neta ’33’ Shapira Interview: “I don’t know where some of the changes to heroes are coming from” TI8 – Neta ’33’ Shapira Interview: “I don’t know where some of the changes to heroes are coming from” Reviewed by Jesi Max on 07:30 Rating: 5

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