Dota2-AllStar.com believes that in electronical gaming, as in any sport, fair-play, sportsmanship, respect and good manners are key. Further establishing these values in the online gaming community is the vision of Dota2-AllStar.com.

Dota2-AllStar.com has one overriding mission which is to be at the forefront of turning eSports into a major industry which supports thousands of professional gamers all around the world.

In order to achieve this, we have the following strategic priorities which we will deliver in accordance with our values:

  • Provide world class content and expertise to help gamers drastically improve
  • Secure major sponsorship deals to fund professional-level tournaments
  • Build cutting edge replay, strategy, video, and discussion systems
  • Continue to help place outstanding staff into key industry positions
  • Give all staff members an unrivalled learning experience based on an honest and open feedback culture

Dota2-AllStar.com is proud to be the leading top-level multi-game RTS fansite in the world. These values are based on our passion for both RTS and FPS gaming and our respect to members, staff and developers. The values provide a guide on how we should conduct ourselves, and they determine our policies across all subjects and issues.
  • Respect for all - treat others how you would like to be treated
  • Do our best to help all players - no matter how much help is required
  • Passion for quality - always aiming to produce the best and most interesting content
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